Rocks and Water

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Low-angle Normal Fault Likelihood IPython Notebook

This is an IPython Notebook version of a paper I have just submitted to Geophysical Research Letters. This is the complete paper, but with all the code embedded, and is executable. However, it does need a Python module called as well as some of the typical Python scientific ...

Some tips for new scientific programmers

This post is slightly modified from an email that I wrote to some friends who were looking for tips on getting started with scientific computing with MATLAB. I’m not the world’s expert on the subject, and I traded MATLAB for Python a couple years back, but the advice ...

A MathJax sample

This post is a quick mathjax test.

$$ P(A | \sim O) = \frac{P(\sim O|A) P(A)} {P(\sim O|A)P(A) + P(\sim O|\sim A)P(\sim A)} $$

That was easy.