Last updated 29 May 2018


In review

  1. Styron, R., The impact of earthquake cycle variability on neotectonic slip rate estimates, submitted to Solid Earth doi: 10.5194/se-2018-40. pdf

In revision

  1. Styron, R., Garcia, J., and Pagani, M., CCAF-DB: The Caribbean and Central American Active Fault Database, submitted to Geosphere.

  2. Styron, R. and Sherrod, B, Improving paleoseismic magnitude estimates with rupture length information: application to the Puget Lowland, WA USA, to be submitted to Seismological Research Letters, in revision following USGS internal review.


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The spin cycle

These are the white papers and the ink-stained papers that are not in the categories above but are still worth a read

  1. Styron, R. Topographic modulation of fault kinematics in the Himalaya and Tibet, Looking for love in all the wrong places. doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/8Z9HA. pdf