Global Block Model (Work In Progress)

Richard Styron

I am slowly putting together a high-resolution joint geodetic-geologic block model as a way of estimating fault slip rates for all faults in a revamped GEM Global Active Fault Database. As of this writing, I have much of North America and the Tethyan belt of Asia drafted, and showing various sheens of polish, but nothing has yet been peer-reviewed.

Because this is a very important project to me, and a culmination of work over a decade on active fault databases (as well as a return to geodesy, which I spent much of 2006-2009 working on but have mostly left since then), I'm making a permanent page on this site where the most up-to-date version should be available. Check it out here!

Expect changes to existing rotation rates and block geometries over the next couple of years, in addition to regional updates. If you have any suggestions about anything, please send me an email.