HimaTibetMap now on GitHub

Richard Styron

This was a post that appeared on my old blog.

edit 9 June 2013: HimaTibetMap repo on GitHub updated to new address

I maintain HimaTibetMap, an open-source database of active faults in the Indo-Asian collision zone. While I was in phd school, we hosted the data on KU’s proprietary HawkDrive system, which performed adequately but wasn’t super accessible for other things than downloading. Furthermore, it was not clear if I would still have access to the site now that I’ve graduated.

So I have made a HimaTibetMap page on GitHub, the new standard in collaboration websites. This is where the version I maintain will be. After discussion with collaborators, I may move the Active Tectonics of the Andes database there as well.

Ideally, this move will make it easier for others to contribute to the database as well. So if you have anything to contribute, don’t hold back!