Active Tectonics of the Andes (ATA) active fault database now on GitHub

Richard Styron

This post originally appeared on my old blog.

In order to facilitate collaboration in development of the Active Tectonics of the Andes, a database of active faults in the (northern, for now) Andes, we have hosted it on GitHub. The development version is here, although the ‘release’ versions will continue to be posted on the KU HawkDrive, as before. We have received some comments about incompleteness of the 1.0 version in certain areas (such as around Quito, Ecuador), and we used that information to expand the database in those areas. The database is now at the 1.1 version, as well. All New and Improved!

I would also happily field other requests for improvements in the database both geological (such as about specific faults or regions) and technical (new file formats, etc.). Please, don’t hold back! This is a free, public, open-source project and the more minds we have working on it, the better the database will be. And as this database improves, so does knowledge of structures responsible for seismic hazard to communities in South America.