Rocks and Water

Evolution of fault stress through the earthquake cycle: a Mohr circle perspective

A new open-source GIS file for active(?) low-angle normal faults

TL;DR: I made a GIS file (SHP, KML, GeoJSON) of potentially-active low-angle normal faults. You can get it at github here, and contribute if you'd like.

I'm finishing up a project estimating the maximum likelihood of observing an earthquake on a low-angle normal fault (LANF). Basically, observations ...

HimaTibetMap now on GitHub

This was a post that appeared on my old blog.

edit 9 June 2013: HimaTibetMap repo on GitHub updated to new address

I maintain HimaTibetMap, an open-source database of active faults in the Indo-Asian collision zone. While I was in phd school, we hosted the data on KU’s proprietary ...